Club Hits [2008]
Club Hits [2008]
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1. Self Control (The Annual Remake Edit 2008) Dave Sinclair 3:38 Not Available 2. Let The Music Play (Hard Candy Video Mix) Jackie B. 3:54 Not Available 3. Fade To Grey (Let Me Think About It Bootleg Cut) Retro 4:12 Not Available 4. Tainted Love (Bleeding Love Club Edit) Demande feat. Lesley Scott 3:39 Not Available 5. Call Me 08 (La Cascada Agua Ibiza Dance Mix) Le Click 3:42 Not Available 6. Bleeding Love (Vinylmoverz Hands Up Edit) Monika Jefferies 3:23 Not Available 7. Everytime We Touch 2008 (Twister Hardclub Edit) Magic Artists 3:33 Not Available 8. All Together Now (American Euro Club Mix) Idol Mania 3:25 Not Available 9. Gimme Gimme Gimme (Dub Kontor Mix) Donna M. 3:19 Not Available 10. Lick It (Sunshine Live Salvation Edit) De Lorean 3:33 Not Available 11. Going Back To My Roots (Rich In Paradise Electro Mix) Foundation feat. Que 3:36 Not Available 12. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (WMC Miami Studio Club Edit) 54 feat. Nashi 3:45 Not Available 13. Billy Jean (Morales & Heller Electro Warehouse Mix) Groove Jet 3:42 Not Available 14. Fresh (Disco Lies Mashup Remix) Tropicana Club 3:21 Not Available 15. Take On Me (De Lorean Radio Mix) Ammonia 3:12 Not Available 16. Blue (Eurolectro Workout Version) Bearshare Bros feat. Ray 3:23 Not Available 17. Tell It To My Heart (Steven Levis Airplay Mix) Royal Flush 3:15 Not Available 18. All Out Of Love (Water Inc Hands Up Club Mix) Rod Bass & Heat Hunter 3:23 Not Available 19. The Anthem (Mayday Mix) Royal Deejays 3:46 Not Available 20. Somebody's Watching Me (Freakmatique Cut) DJ Brian Howe 3:22 Not Available 21. Sweet Dreams (Doug Laurent Mix Edit) Overdub Feat. Sophia 3:15 Not Available 22. Wow! That's Now (World Edition Radio Edit) Mig 28 3:28 Not Available 23. Feeling Good (No Apologize Radio Edit) DJ Wag 4:00 Not Available 24. Gun (Jay Frog's 9mm RMX) Dumonde 4:02 Not Available 25. My House (Playboy Mansion Creeps Remix Edit) Risque feat. Le Foxx 3:49 Not Available 26. After The Love Is Gone (Ibiza's All Fedde Up Dub Cut) D&J presents Glamour 3:51 Not Available 27. Sandstorm (DJ Cobra vs Doug Laurent Electro Edit) Tunnel Alliance 3:33 Not Available 28. Sonic Revolution (Knights Of The Empire Edit) Defcon 5 3:12 Not Available 29. Rapture (Twister Electro Edit) De Lorean 3:37 Not Available 30. No Limit (Steven Levis Electro Airplay Mix) Franca Morgano 2:59 Not Available 31. Ladies Night (Misar's Prelude Sound Edit) Ministry Of Funk 3:28 Not Available 32. Gypsy Woman (John's Get Physical Short Dub) Class & Style 3:48 Not Available 33. Carnaval De Paris (France vs Italia Zidane Revenge Edit) Furtado 3:18 Not Available 34. Latin Revenge (Cash Hunters Edit) Da Poor Boys 3:12 Not Available 35. Why Don't You Dance With Me (Delirious Electro RMX Cut) Membrane 3:20 Not Available 36. Bakerstreet (Destination Calabria Edit) Natalie Marchenko 3:11 Not Available 37. Enjoy The Silence (Fearsome Foursome Video RMX) Yana 3:25 Not Available 38. Boy (Ghia Video Edit) Die Elfen feat. Ork Cowboys 3:15 Not Available 39. Sunrize (Arjen Van Thijs Sensation White Edit) Groovemagnet 4:03 Not Available 40. Da Vinci (Feel The Mighty High Nu School Mix) Musical Roots 3:08 Not Available 41. By Satellite (Armada Tribe Dream Dance Mix) Rihanna Johnson 4:03 Not Available 42. The Dream 2010 (New York Video Edit) Doug Laurent 3:09 Not Available 43. Breaking The Spell (Matthew Kramer vs LayDee Jane Edit) Laydee Jane 3:53 Not Available 44. Beba 2.0 (DJ Sakin Short RMX) Wittendoerfer 4:12 Not Available 45. E 08 (Renegade Master Remix Edit) Tunnel Alliance 3:39 Not Available 46. Rhythm Is A Dancer Again (Robb Math' Copy Capp Mix) Vinylmoverz 3:24 Not Available 47. Euro Dancer (One Night In Paris Radio Version) Rob Hilton 3:17 Not Available 48. We Will Rock You (Ultra Club Sounds Edit) Alex Twister 2:56 Not Available 49. Eye Of The Tiger (Football Republic # One Edit) Willfire feat. Slash 3:51 Not Available 50. Better Off Alone (Zombie Girl Vs Barbie Nation Mix) Nanou 3:16 Not Available


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